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Who we are, what we did, what we learnt, and sign up for Cohort 2 please?!

What is OnThatJob?

We run cohort-based courses targeted at working professionals in tech looking to level up in their careers. Jobs in tech are new and constantly evolving. Only a few companies can invest in proper onboarding and training. Everyone else must rely on self-learning (in some form, everyone does!)

Training yourself by…

Super-apps in India— as powerful as LEGO superman? | Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

Super-apps were in the news again in India. Facebook’s investment in Jio triggered immense speculation about the motives of the deal. One of the ideas going around was that this will bolster Jio’s push to be a “Super-app”.

Whatsapp is synonymous with the Indian internet with near universal reach amongst…

A look at the causes and potential solutions to India’s new form of discrimination

Tier 1 insititute ki jai (Original tweet)

Every month or so, a post like the above will fly past in my feed. Anyone without those credentials will react in an understandably angry way.

Can you fucking believe these people! Here I am, fully qualified for this job; yet they want only Tier 1 folks. RIDICULOUS. SO UNFAIR

Looking at Huawei’s battle for Android survival

Lock-down driven ramble #1

Avengers unite to battle Thanos

The US-China trade war forced Huawei to make Google-free Android phones. The Verge did a review of Huawei’s upcoming P40 flagship phone.

The result? Amazing phone (hardware) rendered completely undesirable because of a wonky experience in getting & updating common apps.

Some interesting side-notes.

Open-source Android myth & Google’s hegemony

Google effectively…

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